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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: How To Cope With Loneliness
As a counsellor and psychotherapist in Havering and online, I understand that loneliness is a major problem for many people. The pandemic forced many people to shut themselves away from their loved ones, causing widespread feelings of isolation, however loneliness is not a new phenomenon. Our fast-paced life styles, combined with the atomising influence of […]
Coping With Anxiety in the Post-COVID World
Ahead of the first ‘normal’ summer since 2019, many people are seeking counselling and psychotherapy in Havering, Hornchurch, and the wider Essex area for a very particular problem: anxiety around navigating the post-COVID landscape. For many, it is a truly daunting notion - the idea of having to be extremely social after a prolonged period […]
How Childhood Experiences Shape Adult Behaviour and Mental Health
When people come to me for counselling and psychotherapy in Havering or online, they will speak about struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or addiction. The problems affect them on a daily basis, in the present moment, but actually originate from childhood experiences. Even if you had a reasonably peaceful childhood with loving […]
Three Common Misconceptions About Grief
As a grief counsellor in Havering, I have seen how people respond to the loss of a loved one in a variety of ways. Some people go numb, others grow angry or resentful, many experience depression, lethargy, and a lack of motivation. Sometimes we don’t know what to feel. In other words, there is no […]

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