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The Main Problems Faced By Young People
I have plenty of experience in providing counselling in Havering and online for young people going through a range of problems. That path from childhood to adulthood is hardly ever smooth; so much changes so quickly, and the whole process can feel overwhelming at times. Often, young people may struggle to communicate how they are […]
How Does Psychodynamic Therapy Actually Work?
Over the years as a counsellor in Havering, I have noticed how people can often be intimidated by the idea of “psychodynamic” therapy. It does seem like quite a clinical, serious word. People can be put off by it. A common misconception is that psychodynamic therapy is the same thing as psychoanalysis – a practice […]
Three Common Misconceptions About Grief
As a grief counsellor in Havering, I have seen how people respond to the loss of a loved one in a variety of ways. Some people go numb, others grow angry or resentful, many experience depression, lethargy, and a lack of motivation. Sometimes we don’t know what to feel. In other words, there is no […]
How Childhood Experiences Shape Adult Behaviour and Mental Health
When people come to me for counselling and psychotherapy in Havering or online, they will speak about struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or addiction. The problems affect them on a daily basis, in the present moment, but actually originate from childhood experiences. Even if you had a reasonably peaceful childhood with loving […]
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